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Make money online from home free Earn $17 to $65 per Hour

Make money online from home free 

 hey then this is it has returned to class which saw it's somewhat the fire it goes every which way there I return past the weight room we went from 3.3 three individuals on the set to a twenties this is it is the acceptable goals we need to do don needs to begin a business we need to procure cash we painted in europe challenged we resemble that theux kia is that we need to do everything that except once in a while we don't have a clue where to begin and I see there you sent me a couple of inquiries there it returns.

 regularly there what should I do. I'm searching for a fantasy in truth what I like you send me as an inquiry on the off chance that I need to begin it makes me need web based business however I have no clue about where to begin and it will be the subject of this video where to begin when you need to get the chance to dispatch yet we don't generally have the foggiest idea what to do there isn't such a great amount there are such a large number of chances on the web today that we could begin in deals preparing we could get into item deals we could begin on amazon we could begin with outsourcing we could begin with the exemplary web based business webpage we could begin with enormous brands we could begin with heaps of things you comprehended all that I will reveal to you that there is at all likewise ask you the inquiry . this video it will be and it is critical to state this video it will be made for amateurs yet it will be additionally .

made for you if your web based business doesn't begin you realize I did a few web based business locales I did twelve preceding finding the correct topics that stay with what I needed to do which stay with the market which sticks with the opposition since when it is hyper serious it isn't likewise simple to make its place so I needed to do tests and in the event that you devoted yourself completely to web based business since you like it and you understand that at long last it's very little t be not the correct topic this video can likewise premium so I will assault talk about outsourcing first and you realize that I frequently hit outsourcing and the market.

 today I don't have the foggiest idea Make money online from home free  whether it's the back likewise the special seasons which caused me to eat brilliant little Zen yet today I needed to make a little aside on outsourcing dream venders the individuals who sell preparing in outsourcing are frequently there have been there press articles there I no longer think about which magazine they made certain about yet hello then it resembled composing on them they have terrible press like angie is unmistakably it's fantasy merchants and everything isn't right in what they state then I find that there is a sure there it extrapolates totally and I don't concur with me the folks who you are who disclose to you that . there is no compelling reason to make a general public that you do everything feeling that's everything grab there is no tomorrow on the stripes nive even not the client couldn't care less about that me that is the thing that I find so irritating and there I'm discussing the coaches I locate that a few people figure out how to take you by the hand tada discover an item ted has made a shop and perhaps in the entire venture to dispatch you really online then what has in its mentors there some unquestionably have a decent preparing .

I realize I didn't have a ton of fun on time at that point take the preparation in light of the fact that the little gathering you realize me it's not in the slightest degree my thing yet what I need to let you know through that will be that they have the stunt of going with you from a to z and the facts confirm that on the Make money online from home free  off chance that you go to amazon there might be, at that point there are mentors who such yet who help you perhaps not essential and even a long time in the trainings that I do I don't take you by the hand of razz me you know my ridiculousness if to make little trainings on an exact topical in web based business and the facts demonstrate that occasionally you must have somewhat a smidgen of involvement with e - business to have the option to get to my preparation.

 so here I needed to make this little to wear for drops schipper dream venders when even some of the time they carry out the responsibility as well and possibly gives you a preference for web based business is and it that is the thing that needing to come when you start must be basic the facts confirm that it is difficult nowadays to begin in web based business so I can experience outsourcing which is as far as anyone knows simple I can console you c is still exceptionally complex on the grounds that there is a ton of rivalry you can likewise test amazon then in certainty it relies upon your profile if your profile is to make a brand with a decent objective being items to make photographs around this item and so forth amazon. can be a decent option .

since you will assault the market with your image and out of nowhere you won't be assault the individual who can exchange a similar item on the grounds that there will be your image will be brand is missed photographs and so on found more in this insanity there assault by amazon you can begin with amazon if your incoherence is to test a market life causes you to can attempt with outsourcing the issue that with outsourcing realize that you will be truly secured in teeth of the items in truth then I realize that it isn't just express partners I am not master in outsourcing but rather hello I realize I'm stating there would be a full stage that would outsourcing yet on the off chance that I take the case of the express line you realized how to energize express on.

 the off chance that you need a topic I did the test in mathematica - in the event that you know not numerical that you find me I give url of my web based business destinations through my part space of the square not on a dear trade doc ut will be at the part space you will see arithmetic . so I return what I said to me in my topical j researched item rches on partner express and I can reveal to you that we go around aimlessly rapidly in truth it is absolutely the items yet it is a little kitsch it is difficult to make a web based business webpage around this topic c isn't frenzy so here is the second so tossed by the two amazons su make a brand outsourcing you need to test a market yet hello you truly shut and after the third strategy which is the technique for great web based business I put it in prison tape is on the grounds that it is I answered an email before is your main thing in exemplary web based business me I believe it's a fairly short remark yes I do web based business great web based business today is no longer on the ascent we will say as in the past but then but then they despite everything work and it truly sticks to individuals who love what they do and that is the place I needed to come to me what my web based business website and the case of what I like to do before asking you the inquiry of knowing whether you need to go on amazon you are going to make the transportation bunch what stage could realize and it is important Make money online from home free .

 to know why you need to sell on the web me I realize that the web is something that I generally enjoyed I generally cherished the web sites web based business has consistently been my thing I was a visual fashioner I moved to a website specialist and after my daze it was consistently to make shops and is thusly I know why I am here today it is on the grounds that webdesign and web I like the idea of disclosing to you well here I am going to sell online I don't should be there other than I am an unadulterated player I am more in the video clarify that yet I am I am an unadulterated player I don't try to make a store to get clients month the idea truly Internet it is that consideration by and by not to accept that since you are not there in physical science that you don't get the sort of individuals you're not going to do anything web based business it's as yet a business it's still a ton of reasoning a ton of obstructions to defeat to really figure out how to bring pay as of now from the start even before paying realize topical webpage is beneficial after you pay yourself and after in the event that you do things well in the drawn out you will have the option to be somewhat more loose as it is the situation for me I catapulted a ton 1 the primary years and afterward there I am by the shrewd a little my substance that you realize that I am low maintenance.

 I work at low maintenance on my action thing which is still very convoluted to set up and in outsourcing in light of the fact that in outsourcing you are going by and large what is done is to sell the triumphant item the ebb and flow Make money online from home free item yet the momentum item it continually reestablishing and at regular intervals who are searching for an item it is somewhat more confused though with great web based business how to return and I do somewhat increasingly itemized what it is exemplary shops with web based business class ique men said to yourself you are going to work your topic on the drawn out reason me at all then I have espresso close by and I don't see him great exchange it very well may be an exchange persistence possibly I will give a model the last round I required bits of 2 quads the age and the carburetor which left in candy so it was important to change and I ran over a webpage which was committed to the brand which was that they had all conceivable and incredible extras of the quad in actuality they sold the quad in parts and there you fall on a webpage like that you state yet hello it's ideal there. I like it is exemplary web based business it's no outsourcing rochus half quart doesn't permit that ping is progressively mind boggling regarding material I don't broadly expound so what I need .

to let you know with exemplary web based business you will truly meet a desire all in all it is vital that the item You like it before I utilize whatever stage I do whatever it is that you need to sell this is the thing that it is kipré which makes what it is that you might want to sell fits in the kites your enthusiasm is the kite well proceed take the kite attempt to make a website around all that I don't have any acquaintance with me thiam the sugar glue the end of the week thiam make sugar glue cakes you and well dive in there exemplary web based business that is the thing that you will make a website around this topic and you will bring included worth is which stood apart will flabbergast is the thing that which will totally separate you from these schipper sedates throughout the years you will aggregate involvement with this region you will collect information s had associations with providers like to clarify in the last video the providers will come to see you to you straightforwardly yet that all that that will be done on the long haul subsequently on the off chance that you welcome there hack to make mumuse go please you I will say be that I ought to never say yet treat yourself mantis

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How to work in Ecommerce Platform Amazon: $ 800 / Hour of Work

How to work  in Ecommerce Platform Amazon: $ 800 / Hour of Work

hello everyone here anthony roy god for a new business article and today we will see how to become an amazon seller in 2020 .
Good the question that arises is how to become an amazon dealer in 2010 nine vehicles it's really interesting is it still profitable you should know one thing is that there is amazon has existed for already twenty years so already if you ask yourself the question of stability of reliability there is no doubt amazon remains leader of the e- trade in france and in the world with almost three quarters of the market share it is closing the traditional shops there is closed agreement of the big brands all over the world then you can trust amazon on stage and no worries now ...

what that I would like to say it is really because the area is more than a means of making money it will be an opportunity to obtain passive income a salary which is not a salary in itself but a salary that is wrong be paid by your boss but by the fruit of your work and without providing the physical effort only with the implementation of a good implementation we set off and it's like a time bomb it's a business to internment in fact it is a delayed salary we are going to set up actions we are going to set up here are the working methods and methods to correctly highlight its products and highlight its activity and its shop and behind .
we are going to have a passive income which is going to come in even when we talk about holidays even when we sleep even when we are sick even if a car accident even can have in all cases this business la c1 passive income and even in a year two years if your business is solid your products are correct your ambitions are realistic and are honest you will not do it yourself in a year this business will keep you eating and will continue to give you the opportunity to quit er your job or keep your job and have that extra if you are really greedy but in any case it is really an activity an opportunity that can change but enough talked about how to become an amazon reseller in 2020.

 it's very simple already we will not start by doing a product search the first step was the product that we decided and that we will decide to sell at the docks and on amazon and on the marketplace so first thing first step we choose a product and in 2016 as I have a product for you it's very simple I made a video that explains how to find a product that works and that works on ecommerce platform amazon ok I leave you the link in the description I invite you at the end of the video to go watch so simply this video and you will learn how to find a winning product if that is what you plan to do at the moment if it is in the state so you are then we register on arzon it is necessary register ire on a microsot raft to a parallel account ok we put his details we will try training etc etc learn a professional account to which the difference between a pro account is a little particular and the particular accounts it is for what he wants to do small metro money is for this against ambition who are not afraid to take risks and who want something downright if already you start by taking a small one you are not involved so we will finally understand these boils and then it seems you spend 10 euros a day or 400 euros per month in the media and you have no more to put 50 euros in a subscription to try to change life so we take this oversight tomorrow and simply take a pro account and once we has a son control it is very good we became an amazon seller we will be without counting his sheets we receive these products have checked the condition of his products we will take very nice pictures of his product very nice pictures okc even if tight because an iphone is not serious but it is necessary to apply take beautiful photos of this fake lula once we registered on amazon I also wanted the link to register on amazon too it's obvious we type we find amazon seller excuse me I leave you there linked me to the registration to become an amazon reseller and then therefore once we received these tested products all these products we did beautiful photos so we will create a new ad on amazon and there we will be able to post its different access buttons the mayor here is the maximum of possible doubt in the caire if this rise and would not be made a photo of his passes and 3 photos his means his 1.6 to my joy 7.8 c ' is nickel it's perfect I have everything to sail once we have posted photos very important that we will revise the practices to present the product does not have the characteristics of the product ok it's a very beautiful air with photos with here is 16 megapixels or of course you have to put the details a little more worth the registration but only one consumer to know is what will really bring him what is what makes it is going to change his life for simply so highlight the product and do not sell the Vendée line pen which ensures the fecq simply not there you understand a little bit the way of thinking when it comes to before the Apollo number very beautiful photos we write a very very beautiful arti key with a bobard aggravates sailboats and then we will really focus on SEO lessio put good titles with the right keywords once we have done the referencing cubism ad and it's because ok where the Amazon sellers we have created an ad now what I'm going to advise you 100% to boost your business.

 they earn money going really dense another step with the leaders of ecommerce platform amazon sellers it's going to be simply going through amazon nba is canceled on ticket is simply the fact of having stocks in amazon warehouses and being able to no longer take care of anything and automate your activity our first advantage we are already going to case for having made by a cardboard a good big cardboard and then we will print a spl there is everything is explained on the back office damask wants and we will prepare the card in the right place in the Amazon warehouses and once it has arrived there amazon will take care of your box from a to z so that is to say this is like a client not only in english no need for standards and shipping but on top of that you will be better positioned who says better positioned in amazon on the in the product search rankings on the amazon search engine if you are better positioned more sales by therefore more sales at resonates even more sales and more sell even more sales so you understand the note we will have to put all the chances on his side amazon shipped by zones this program has also give us the right to prague badges and the prime match it is a pledge of confidence with the customer what releases number ten pl us sales and then the brunch price is ranked higher therefore more sales which says more sales even more sales at ecommerce platform amazon there are really steps to succeed already found the product first then once we have received its first check the quality once we have checked the quality we send rude to amazon and it is they who will take care of shipping to customers not only in automation and in addition we have advantages we have the match tribe we have a reduced costs when it comes to costs the place go to the post office you will see the costs are limited to double so here we have everything to gain a passer by passing by ship by amazon and in addition the after-sales service hoist the and its modules so go through dispatch by ecommerce platform amazon you will really boost your business done in an emergency once we are not apologizing by amazon here we are going to start making its first sales finally we are a seller and we started saleh on starts to generate turnover has gained profit in generating money and we are careful to start 3.2 south well what will happen quite simply is that now we will go to advertising we will set up advertising campaigns with amazon and on top of that you will have 25 euros per country so there are five customers in europe at amazon so in these five countries you will have 25 20 55 25 and 25 euros offered for your first campaigns advertising so no it's you try ad campaign for those who are at this stage tried I have a video also that they deal with on how to launch ad campaigns in detail okay not just the outline details of how to make moa moe step by step so you yourself but this video in the description do not hesitate to watch and you will see that it is very simple to launch a campaign skinned it is really here it is really it is really an engine that can you get doubled or even tripled moment 'but at a pace that you do not even imagine and which says more sales at ecommerce platform amazon says more to replace understood you understood or before so that's it the states the main lines there I made you the outline but in each outline I have a video which deal with the subject thus went to see its videos there because they will be able to really help you according to the stage to which you are ok it was anthony kouadio for a new business video see you very soon in the next video do not hesitate to leave a blue thumb located to find the relevant video a comment if you have questions about this video or other videos to beaune toi if you want me to continue video and to motivate me on the bell if you want to be aware of all the news of new products of new business before everyone there is also a partner club in which you can did you register the club business france and that's 100% natural it's a group of motivated and united agreement entrepreneurs who share opportunities in business investment products and advice on agreement it's 100% free you just have to submit applications you send us an email to the emails which is in the description or you leave us a comment with your email and you will be contacted otherwise they send us directly an email where you contact me to tell me that you would like to be a candidate by explaining to us why is what you do in life is what you want to do later here it was anthony month of august for a new business video i wish you very nice facts and we say ah very quickly go to the top hat without limitation billion.

3Methods To Make Money With Ecommerce Platform Amazon

hello everyone and welcome to this new article from the blog my salary in slip point fr today I suggest that we look together at the latest figures that I produced on ecommerce platform amazon , that is to say over a full year at the start of last year I said to myself good why not try the marketplace is true that it looks interesting is threatened with price at first glance it was not something that attracts me is then in a little more '' a year of work with brands and ace at the end of work is a big word but we will say in a little more than a year it turns out that it is something very interesting to exploit to the extent where there is still a lot of room in fact to take on the brands were of the amazon priceminister type the big advantage is that these platforms in themselves have a lot of visibility and catch a train a relatively large volume of traffic suddenly you work all immediately ent on a traffic base which can which is potentially significant either from a point of view and if yo since the platforms have power in themselves or from the point of view of the internal visibility of these platforms there are a lot of people which does not go through google or any search engine to search for a product to buy and which will go directly through the marketplaces therefore for this year 2015 early 2016 me good majority on amazon I was not original to make a little little my weapons and then I ended up on priceminister or I did some tests too but the main part of the turnover was carried out on ecommerce platform amazon fr I did not attack foreign platforms then for all that is marketplace this is quality your main quality is to be smart .

 Opportunistic this is to be opportunistic it is going to be relatively important especially depending on the method you choose approached is one that you will choose there are three main approaches then the first approach is you will find a product that those already on amazon that work well with all the indicators it takes to prove to you that this product works well that is to say that there will be customer comments there will be product reviews the product will be well classified in the category from the point of view of visibility that is to say that when you type canton will click on a generic category produce ecommerce platform amazon will go up relatively high and you can also have access to the classification of this same product within a category this is information that ecommerce platform amazon tons I will not go too far on the methodology today but for the idea the first method is to place yourself on something that already exists and that is already sold by another seller the technique it will ultimately be quite simply to try to find suppliers to see if already it is a product on which the seller margins well if this is the case you can position yourself on it and sell a little cheaper than the oil occurs which makes you appear in boxing by default and a priori you will have a certain number of sales assured where it is dangerous it is that nothing prevents your competitor which which was already in place before you in turn to lower the price and that moment it will be he who will return in boxing by default you will again lower the private you and so on which makes that thread by needle at the end much more nobody will earn money or almost so this is an approach which is interesting but still must be at current that the party is going to end at one point or another simply because selling a product on which you are almost no longer margin is relatively unattractive but it is an approach that can work a while month was the c ace for more than six months oddly the competitor was not particularly reactive at the level of his prices and they did not exploit all the levers that allows to amazon to get into boxing by default the second approach is to place yourself on a product for which you are not the source or the brand but which is not yet listed in the catalog, so what that means it is quite simply a product that amazon does not have in its catalog and which for as much exists in addition then why it is interesting on the one hand because you will be at least at the beginning all alone on this product there are a priori very few benchmarks for the internet user to make a price comparison and therefore you can walk very correctly most of the time the danger is that good but on this product even if you have indicators in relation to the theme in general and it is precisely on this product you have no sales indicator on the platform in question is the second problem is that nothing prevents a competitor who d also happens overnight and you f have the same move as for the first method that is to say that they come to place and sell cheaper than you at that time he will benefit from your efforts that is to say that you will have written the product sheet for him you will have cleared the field since if it comes to stand behind you it is a priori it will have had indicators on its side as to what you are doing well this product is therefore at some point the party will be over again for this second method it is a method which is a little bit more durable than the first is also not something you can count on for several years unless you negotiate an exclusivity with the supplier sdat third method is to create your own product then go to the extreme ie really create a product from a to z there are a number of suppliers that allow you to affix your brand simply on a product that manufactures and with this method you will finally have a unique barcode what you will do more than you will create in relation to this product is your brand and that will allow you to be alone in fact on your product page since the competitors will not in fact be able to come on your specific product on your brand since it will be identified via a unique barcode and if anyone has fun doing it you can report ecommerce platform amazon .

 Aazon inner ah we will do you in your favor to identify the competitor so here the three main methods I used only the first for the moment because it was the one that was ultimately the least time-consuming but it is also the least perennial so it is not impossible that in the weeks and months to come I try the other two approaches and especially the third m6 is a little longer to set up at all levels it is also nice sometimes to say that we are doing something on the l ong term and we can count on it for several years to note me I just use the amazon and then to some extent priceminister but here are brands and ace in there is a lot of fun in France and then if we leave if we go international there I let you imagine the number of platforms that link to this is simply huge we must also consider that the marketplace and e-commerce of niche in a classic way it is not 2 of concept lanka antagonists both can cumulate both can complement each other and both can bring relatively important information when one seeks to evolve the economic potential of such or such niche one will not develop no more arbitration between e-commerce platforms but know that it is something relatively interesting to set up arbitration finally it will just consist of detecting the differences in prices that you could have on the same product between two platforms different forms and then to come you place on one or the other platform by selling cheaper on the platform on which you will sell but by selling p read more expensive than on the use platform go where you go you on these but it is another subject we will see that in a next article so the object of the article was essentially to prove that we could generate real income without having to devote an enormous amount of time to it without either setting up very complicated technical concepts via the brands and ace therefore for the year 2015 2016 here is the summary so there we export it and we started it in May 2015 you see that the turnover for each month is relatively constant except for the except for the month of September then there it simply comes from me that is to say that I had more stock it's rather fart but once again I wanted to say I didn't really really focus on brands and tests I rather tackle things in test mode and it's a dip that shouldn't happen the same in January where there I clearly threw conner there were more of my products were no longer in stock ditto for the month of April 2016 so there roughly if we do the calculation it seems to me we are about 20,000 euros in turnover the products that I had managed to find allowed me margin is about 10 euros per unit sold so I did the calculation roughly we arrived at 10,000 euros of net profit any text deducted ie the amazon taxes the costs of 'supply the shipping costs from amazon is therefore between nine and ten thousand euros of revenue over a little less than a year we listened with a relatively negligible amount of work for once it is rather very interesting Something must be clarified is that these scores there I made them with three active products hardly and given that I passed by ecommerce platform amazon fbx that is to say the shipment by amazon shipments and the storage by amazon the occupation time itself shop is really minimal if we look back on the time it took me to take care of them from amazons stand out from people in general but from amazon since I am focused on it for the last year it actually counts to be 12 twelve hours a dozen hours four to five hours plus two to three hours + 2h good and I may add two hours because nobody is perfect but in the idea here it is really that it is a business which taught me really very very little time to set up the hardest course of course it is to find the niches which will work the products which will work but once that is established it turns like on castors so for me amazon and the rest of the brands and it's really a very good vein to exploit in parallel niche e-commerce that you will mount on cms and that you hosts and yourself that it is really important to note is that the effort that I was going fo urnir to find niches in the classic shops and the effort that you will provide to set up amazon shops it is not two completely separate things most of the time you can make a synergy between the two is what makes that when you work for one you can also work for the other thank you for listening to this if you enjoyed this video I let you subscribe to my youtube channel or subscribe to the newsletter it will be my pleasure I say to you very soon for a next article on my salary in slip point fr.

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Best Ecommerce Platform For Big Business Of 2020 ...

Best Ecommerce Platform For Big Business Of 2020 ...

So which platform to choose for your e-commerce? This is what we are going to see today. Hello, this is Serge of e-commerce passion.
 Today, I'm going to give you feedback on my choice of e-commerce platform. There are several. We will see together all the existing platforms, and above all I will tell you above all what I think about it. Little parenthesis, don't forget to subscribe to the site to receive the latest article. But before you get into e-commerce, you need to find your best ecommerce platform for big business

So I'm going to show you in detail what it currently exists. In fact there are two types of platform. The one you own and the one you rent. So the one that belongs to you. In the one that belongs to you, we can say that there is the house solution, that is to say the one that you make yourself from A to Z. This is what I did on my e-commerce site .

 So in fact, we created everything from A to Z. We started from a blank page and we created everything page by page and so on. Then there is the Open Source solution. The Open Source solution is Open Source, it is a solution that you install and that is free of rights. That is, once you have installed it, you can do whatever you want with it.

 You can modify it as you see fit. As an Open Source solution, there is PrestaShop, Magento. There are still plenty of others, including Joomla which is not quite an e-commerce site but we can divert it. Then, there is the solution that you rent that is to say that you will pay by subscription monthly a sum and the company in question must make your e-commerce site evolve and above all, must make it work .

Best ecommerce platform for big business:

 There are several providers that do this but basically there is WiziShop, there is the Oasis solution of Web and Solution, and the last solution that is currently in vogue is the Shopify solution. So WiziShop and Shopify are two solutions that are quite affordable for the start. After Oasis it is a solution that is a little bit more robust so that is a little more expensive but for having seen, for having made a demo on Oasis, I assure you that the solution it is strong.

 It is sturdy especially in terms of robustness but above all it is sturdy in terms of options that you have. I don’t know how many options it’s crazy. You can configure everything from the graphic template to the smallest details. Really ! Finally I was amazed. All right, but it's all well and good, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? We will see that together.
 So the advantages of that, the Home Solution. Perhaps the main advantage is that it is a homemade solution. So you really do what you want. Suppose you have an idea, something that will save you time. Well, you can immediately create it, develop it and put it in place. Another cool thing, you can really optimize according to your needs.

 That is to say that if you admit the creation of product sheets, you do not need five hundred million options because you, in your theme, a product sheet is done quickly enough. Well, here ! In fact, what you are doing is that you are really creating a page that will make you a very quick product page. I tell you that knowingly because let's admit on a prestashop, to create a product sheet it's a little bit like the gas plant.

 You are wasting a lot of time because there are a lot of options. And in fact, you use half of it. And another advantage is that it is a homemade solution. So very few hackers know the structure of your site, so suddenly, they are less interested in trying to hack. While a prestashop, a magento or other solutions are very, very widespread. So hackers, if they have fun cracking a site, they can crack several.

Now the disadvantages of the house solution. Well, the disadvantages of the homemade solution is simply that, indeed you can develop everything but everything takes a long time to develop. That is to say that on OpenSource solutions, there are a lot of modules that you can buy. Let's admit, you want to modify your interface, and of course Prestashop Magento, you will buy a module and you will be able to modify the interface, an option etcetera. Whereas on a homemade solution, you have to develop from A to Z.

 So it's an advantage to develop everything. This is a disadvantage because you are still lagging behind. Technologies are moving so fast that it's not easy to follow. Another downside is that it's difficult to outsource to a developer. Same situation, same situation as an OpenSource solution, that’s, it remains standard solutions so there are a lot of developers around these solutions.

 While a homemade solution, well you have to find a developer who knows your structure, that is to say that there is none. So the only solution is to train it. So you're going to find a developer, you're going to train him for 3/4/5/6 months. Once it is formed on your structure, it can develop. So in fact it takes a long time to learn, it makes you lose money.

 So now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of the in-house solution, we’re going to tackle the OpenSource solution. The advantage of an OpenSource solution is that, basic, it is already equipped with many options. The other advantage is that there is an impressive catalog of modules. If you want super precise statistics of your website, of your sales, there are modules for that.

 If you want to export your accounts, there are modules for that. If you want to improve your marketing, if you want to improve your product flow, if you want to improve your natural referencing, there are modules for that. In fact, you have modules for everything. And last but not least, if you are looking for a developer, you will easily find it because you are on a so-called standard platform. But hey, there are also disadvantages in this platform.

 First drawback, the security flaws. As I told you before, a hacker will crack an OpenSource site, and he will be able to crack several. So you have to update your solution continuously. As soon as a new version is released, do not hesitate, you must update it.

 And another disadvantage also of OpenSource platforms, what you should know is that, in general, OpenSource platforms are designed in this way; you have a codes part and a template part called template in fact it is the graphic part. That is to say that if you change only the graphic part, upon updating, there will be no problem. 

But if you have fun touching the code, the heart, they call it the heart, as soon as you go to touch the heart, with each update there will be a problem because the files will not match. So that’s a little bit of the downside of working on that. But hey, I reassure you anyway, the latest versions of the platforms are still quite advanced and the developers manage to get around the problem of the heart.

 So don't worry, this problem is minimal. Here we have just seen the OpenSource platforms. Now we will look at the so-called rental platforms. So the benefits of these are you don't care about anything. In fact it is the lessor who will take care of the updates, who will take care of the new options.

 He’s going to take care of everything. Anyway, you will still have a job, don't worry. The disadvantages of this platform are manifold, but above all there is one that for me bothers me, it is that in fact the solution does not belong to you. In fact, yes everything that is database, everything that is creation of product sheets, it belongs to you but the platform in itself does not belong to you. In other words, if you want to break the contract, you end up with a database file and a domain name. But everything in the middle, well, it doesn't exist any more.
So you have to start from scratch and it is very bad in terms of SEO to start from scratch because Google does not like at all. And the other downside is that you do with the solution. That is to say that if the owner of the solution offers you ten options and you want an eleventh, well if he has developed so much better and if he has not developed it, too bad for you.

 So on the other hand, I know that some rental companies can do development by theme but then we get into another story and finally it may cost you more than if you had chosen an OpenSource solution. So now that we've seen the pros and cons, what do I recommend? So as you know, I work with a homemade solution, I have already installed Prestashop solutions, the site was made on a Prestashop solution. And in the past, I also rented my house solution.

 So, I have a little feedback that may be useful to you. So, as you can see, the one I recommend today is the OpenSource solution. Why the OpenSource solution? Well, because it is much more manageable, it will cost you much less than all the other solutions. Above all, you can really do what you want with it. If you want to develop, you will find people who can do on these platforms, it will be easy. If you want to add an option, there are a plethora of modules so you can really buy the module and install it yourself on a small budget. There are also lots of graphic themes for cheap, around, with 100 euros, you will be able to find a graphic theme and quickly install it on your solution.

 After which to choose between the two OpenSource solutions that I gave you, then clearly if you make a big turnover with a big catalog products, then I advise you to turn to the Magento solution which is really made for big sites . Be careful though because it's made for big sites and it's made for big budgets too. Very few developers exist on Magento. And the developers who exist on Magento are cadors so the budget follows. Now if you have a small budget like me and you have a small turnover which is between 500,000 and 2 million euros, the solution like Prestashop is fine because it is super customizable.

 As I told you earlier, you will easily find themes. There is a huge forum on Prestashop where everyone helps each other. There is really a community around this solution. Really I encourage you to go see the Prestashop forum. You will see that there are really people behind this solution. And no no, I have no part in Prestashop, don't worry. Besides, if you looked at the report of the challenge of December, I explain to you that I am in the process of creating an online store on Prestashop.

 And if you want to see the evolution of this new site, I invite you to register for private access to my site So you may be wondering why I block access to this site, well for two reasons. In fact, this is not the first time that I explain it on the videos but hey here I prefer to make a reminder. I have an associate who is with me on the online store and he does not seek to be highlighted so for the sake of confidentiality, I will ask you to be understanding.

 And the second point, you know the purpose of this chain, is to show you how to make profit and how to generate turnover. So if my customers stumble across my videos, my e-commerce store customers of course, I’m afraid it’s badly taken. So here I prefer to block access. On the other hand, I give you access to this evolution via my member access. Before leaving, be sure to subscribe to the site.

Best ecommerce platform for big business:

 If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I would be happy to answer them. With that, see you soon Bye Bye.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

How to create your E-commerce Boutique: Business online with $5000?

How to create your E-commerce Boutique: Business online with $5000? 

hi it's theo welcome to this new article today ch with leo guillot in the field of e-commerce drop shipping once again and he will explain these strategies to you who put it in place when simply selling as much as possible on these sites then.
 hello roja rssi to be on the youtube channel to share what you know its drop shipping no problem is what you can already present for those who do not know you the results what you did drop shipping and your experience okay so I started out first in the shops were on amazon I did this for a few months between six and eight months or so and after what I did is that I said what I decided to switch to the creation of shops for the mayor,

 that is to say my own trade tools for different reasons, maybe one day we will talk about it in a video and so I started trade is strictly speaking it is to say having your own shop about ten months ago ten months ago and I specialized in europe shipping drop shipping what does that mean sell products that we don't have in stock for example we have a supplier we have a customer the customer buys on 28 we pay the bottom and this is the supplier who sends directly to customers so this is the business in which I specialize I have been doing this for ten months and actually what i do is i never really shop for very long to be honest i will keep a shop for more than five months actually and what i do is i set up a maximum of shops and I sell them in fact quite simply so this is the strategy that I used why because for the moment I do not yet want to set up a shop over two three years four years five years because I have different projects that are underway so these strategies allow me to free cash to invest after in other businesses is ok today waters is what you can say what is the strategy that you use on the various e-commerce sites more than there are dozens of strategy is what you can already tell us how did you make it the first strategy and what did you then improve in your trade strategy then my first mass strategy i think to be a little bit like everyone else I watched some trainings etc some youtube videos is actually what I did it was very simple it was I was doing an advertising campaign that sold a product I am is not advertising that on facebook nothing else that redirects to my sales page on my shop I prefer it worked well then already the first two months what you need to know is that I had zero gu10 results so already if you have no results and that made two week s you're not worried because mans is a thing two months have my first sale and after a sudden it exploded once I found the right products that I have too much stuff the strategy I used the first was that is to say an ad comes from product sheets and I tested lots and lots of products and after a while I started to have good results what I did is I increased my advertising budget gradually now what I have improved since there is really multiply the results it was the fact of optimizing the store and optimizing business in general ie not only having a shop with a product home page and that's all and pin pub that redirects to a product people it's not just the product that looked and nothing other and look at the environment where they buy why because they need to be in trust this people if there is any excuse for them not to buy they will not buy so there they have to have a trusted environment on the shop that is the first thing that I personally changed that was not going to start so that's what it is to put all the pages you need the pages that m 'waiting for yesterday conference contact page faq contact acquired from which company from which shop it buys also changed my advertising strategies that is to say that yes I still do a lot of voice advertising that redirects to my product page on my on my e-commerce store I still do a lot of that but especially now I start to capture emails I start to send sequences said but there to emails that I capture I started to make partnerships with physical stores or so youtube channels here I start to diversify my sounds of practices adword youtube instagram re edit and of course facebook but here is more than facebook begins to diversify the sources of traffic is real t what took me to the next level is the fact of coupling sales pages from sales tunnels with the store, that is to say that if a person sees a particular product there is a page that is dedicated to this product there and that really is considerably increasing the conversion is also my average basket because it is a much more efficient funeral than the obscene little ones in the baskets on this chapter so you generally know when we is good in an area we don't necessarily realize that we are good at it and I have been knowing the waters for a while now and in the end I realize something is that you are really strong not only on facebook advertising as there are a lot of people who know how to do it and he was already talking about it and you also advertise on youtube you also advertise on instagram and other platforms is what you can say aujou today according to you what is the platform on which there can not really be a cost of customer acquisition or here are two 10 mail - if we want it to be very low and you are going to make a big off cars make investment in fact if you want already when did i realize that there was not only facebook because everyone is talking about facebook i think there are two reasons it is because it is sexy and because it is relatively simple compared to the high ceilings do not say that cre is a strategy it is simple I keep a good strategy there are few people who have it but using facebook the facebook app is not very complicated so at within a marketing agency I did that for many customers in fact I realized but why I do not do for me for the shops shops so there really I started to test two platforms for a shops in particular instagram influencers if you look at all the gr bones brands that started in dropshipping that are in businesses that have launched themselves with relatively low budgets for example does it come watches I think there are jean charcot if it is a brand of sportswear there are rocks full of brands like são paulo rettig at the exactly he works a lot with instagram influencers the advantage of influence on instagram is that if you manage your thing well you can start for free without taking any risks why because you are going to see a provide a supplier what an influencer says and you will offer him a percentage on your sales for example you will tell him here it is me and I want you to say bah listen to me I offer you 5% over a whole year I offer you 10% at any time and you go that you are going to have certain influencers with whom you will be able to work and that the advantage of that is that you don't need to ask 5000 euros on the table to find out if these influencers correspond to your products or not you take no risks you make sales you pocket the money and you give commissions you make no sales you take bets here is instagram for me c 'is a social network on which we have to type today that is because it stays clean enough we will say what I mean by clean that is to say that when we walk on the news is not stuff that has nothing to do with touched by m but when we fight a click while today on facebook we open it is a contribution of it is a video that goes talk to you about a subject that is a bit catchy so ol it's true that it's a bit like that and especially above all I end up with this adwords why because halo wars there is a lot a lot a lot to do that few people think possible i give you some examples for example the gdn the jdn it's something that allows you to do things that are incredible, in particular on retargeting, that is to say that you are going, for example, imagine someone at a store. There is someone who comes to see a new product on small, low businesses. what will happen is that with the young you show it to him produce it places where he does not expect at all imagine this person does not want to buy a car she goes on your site etc you have so mouth when a completely different one she looks at your site a little and her supports after the by the next day they walk on the central used car site what she will see she will see your advertisement on the right on the central and that really will make the recall of the recall of the recall and that as it is something which is rather complicated it is necessary to form but it is rather complicated but there are few people that they do so there is raid the competition is very very weak and you pay is nothing at all for each of you have incredible dirty returns we will put you some examples on the gdn advertising screen these are advertisements which are mainly used therefore for the taker info in the united states and for the e-merchant it exists young people for a very long time as in particular spartoo things 4 it's true things for a little while a lot the big dogs found it was so good that it supplement companies and it is with 16 , 1 then where can you talk to us now do I often hear about two major strategies mainly in France and then we hear about the strategy or here you really have to have a lot of products on his e-commerce site and in

 the united states we will no longer hear about pure in particular but is called managed alex baker who will really communicate on a single flagship product and then he will work on the image of his company can you tell us today for you on the french market what is the most profitable is what these solutions or here is to have lots of different products and melee for example to make advertising on a product and who knows the customer will wander around on all his other products or is it smarter and doing the strategy b ie send only advertising to a single product and then set up a funeral were worried so me what I recommend is at the start you are going to have jazzy of the products we lost in another video with theophile I start again selected if they come produced there what I invite you to do c is at least having 30 40 products on the store now do you have to focus on the 40 products absolutely not you are going to have two three winner winning products it is on these products that they exchange focus now anyway you c advised to always have 30 or 40 listings on your store why not to make it empty it was a little silly to say that but it is important again it is something that he comes to put confidence which has just been added to the confidence of customers if you arrive on a store and which has only three products on the store that makes a little bit odd therefore filled it is all the same your store create categories and but focus on the three best products on in the 3 or 4 2 recognize me that you have what I invite you to do with these two these two three products there which works really well for you it is to make sales tunnels which are separated with your shop make sales tunnels that are separate to your shop and if ever the person concerned the more they can go to the shop the holidays your pubs which directs to a sales tunnel me since I do this as I said rightly may s conversion who exploded why because when it is a sales tunnel there is no menu other products there is no menu about the cia not the menu that's 

it I go on apache buy where I go two options there are not thirty six thousand option here is the waters and also maybe because we do it also includes one of the training yes we sometimes sell no additional training this with orders gives what I will put you on the screen of examples for example on one of my sales pages I sell the replay of a seminar I sell for example just after we observe that is to say that once someone fills the order form we tell him offers a complementary product and in a single left click without even entering his bank card again he takes a complementary product and then if he refuses the complementary product it is said sometimes wait I make you a product even cheaper and there it is what we call a crazy salt is what it is possible exactly it is the same type of thing in the field of e-commerce in dropshipping so yes of course it is possible now on shopi flaw it is not very practical hence the interest precisely to have an order tunnel really the people who will be the entrepreneurs who are also good e-commerce why because they have everything baqem kader ie the sales tunnels increasing the value - of the customer the salt paddles and that's it with that if you want to make hormones funerals etc. I really advise to go through sales tunnels to make your own points of sale which are in Cairo where to direct with your shop c is at say there is a link from your shop in august the tunnel for example if the people see your little one in matter and if you really want to do that as you say the dawn that of hansel the orders mob all these things there I have really where we know went there by creating a sales tunnel for a single product for this winning product in particular you can do it with flawed shopping but it will be really not practical it will not be very at all intuitive to customers and its will convert a lot worse ok then you bet us two minutes ago were pushing Tunisian well yes indeed it is not easy to set things up there yesterday also add-on plugins etc you call it what you want you are extensions that I need for you what are the three best extensions that are reported the most money that you have put in place on your shop hospital then the first that brought me a lot of money and that you must t ou have it it's an app for the abandoned baskets me is that I said I use these protective subscriptions more what does this call do when it is someone who comes on goutines commerce add to it reproduced in the basket which begin to enter this payment information and which after by for any type of reason if his wife he calls and suddenly he changes or so I say no today I will see that tomorrow what does it do it is send email recovery email reminder and where you put that in the basket percent reduction or and you put it in the basket here is a good purchase for example etc etc etc there are papel on different intervals for example a reminder just after the person to leave your site a reminder twenty-four hours after for example is a reminder 48 hours after for example this is the first app abandons my protector more the second map that i will recommend of course well it is auber water what it is that up is an app that allows you to automate which allows you to synchronize sorry aliexpress so the suppliers most of the people who shop qu 'they were going to go smoothly which allows to synchronize to the express with your e-commerce store in both directions, that is to say that if you have 40 products on the express that wanted to put on store you do not need to take the photos take the takes the texts take all the variations added and taken manually what you do if you go through roberto is actually in berlot you are going to put the link to the express of the product you are all going to be imported like that and there that allow you to import everything after the products on the shop you just have to modify the prices a little descriptions and settat and then it's all good and afterwards in reverse when you have orders on this particular product that you have ez imported with auverlot bah you can click just a button it automatically enters all the information that the customer gives is therefore his name first name address country for example colors of the t-shirt the size that the person has taken and it automatically sends to the express if you just need to press a button so this bump automation big saving of time is simply the fact that we tested a lot more produce a lot more products quickly and that's it in the end the more important in excellent salespeople and the third with the cash register then the third type of application that I like then there it will be up to you to choose a little bit the type of application ball is different from the differences examples of applications like that it will be the applications which will allow to capture emails what I mean by that it will be for example a wheel which will be put on the corner of your of your shop which will allow you to capture gmail a pop up image that appears when the person leaves your site why is it super important because if a person at some point they came on the tipp it's no coincidence is ok there may be be one or two people who fall there they don't know why but most of the time it's either the person click on youtube or the person to click on a title link somewhere so he's interested in boti or he's curious this that interested him and if you manage to capture a maximum of the mail like that well that with the building permits they do not read more emails in front of advertising campaigns and therefore after being able to resell products resell products and as theo you say if often the list of mails is really there the money yeah really the money so here is a little bit the three main applications even if we have lots of others which are also very interesting so thank you hall to the fabrics and August good of others through all your e-commerce experience I suppose you sold but hundreds of different products at least in its catalogs certain terms of number of different products is what you can tell me so when you had a product one day who sells how how did you really do for the product sheet banks much more how you do to improve a product page his paintings what is the main criterion to find improved immediately on a product sheet ok so I think in fact it's just normal banking when a person when a person buys something there are two factors that come into account is the pain to put the money on the table for example if you have if you sell a product 34 euros bah there is pain for the person to take 34 euros out of his pocket and give them to you but there is another type of pain which pain not to buy your product when you have to do it is to increase your pain there must be that the person it is bad not to buy your family so if they do not buy the product they say ah I really want to buy it hurts and that's why it's very very important how you create this effect there g20 customers it's going to be you focus as much as possible on the benefits it has brought to seven people and why if and things the aspects that will be missing in the person's life if she does not buy your product it will also have to create 2 as we say the facts the emergency the emergency parties exactly all these things there it will allow the person to really 200th a lack for your product and that is what will make him also buy another thing that I invite you to do is the perceived value it is very important why because a luxury watch which is worth 15 thousand euros in this season it's going to be worth it not much why people buy it simply because there is a perceived value such action imagine your bands and sunglasses instead of putting an image of the sunglasses for example on a base yeah thank you instead of putting photos of them glasses sun on a single like that where everything on a white background is fine but your sunglasses on a handsome young man like theo and the staff will imagine like that by the pool with sunglasses they imagine they visualize themselves and therefore the perceived value of sunglasses is much higher than if it was glasses that were right on on a tip white paper like that ok so where it is usually three questions there suddenly there is not new and the first is what is the minimum budget to create an e-commerce shop in dropshipping ok so busy it is the advantage we do not need to make a lot of stock then it is necessary to count 29 from 29 euros per month for the subscription shopi size so go we will say two months to have seven first results we will put 50 about 60 also an auto responder let's go and throw 50 euros see again you're nice ah yeah yeah it's clear even 7 euros per carpet response center and okay then we're going to count really large here so that you have to have 50 euros let's go let's say 100 eu ros to catch fault the answering rate then we will add some shopi bankrupt applications you will put 40 euros 140 euros then you will add well you have added 1 if you want to do that and I really recommend a software that allows you to do Nantes tunnels so you have to add 100 euros per month I know it seems a lot for some people but I can guarantee you that it will pay off very quickly and again this is for people who want to immediately channel of sale who want closer you do not even have to exactly and that's it already there we are about 250 euros is there to add roughly if you are good 150 euros 200 to the maximum of advertising tests the test in public and therefore overall I would say you need 4,500 euros between 400 and 500 euros to get started comfortably large maximum 1000 euros above 1000 euros I think in st same me I set up a shop today I put no more than 1000 euros it is useless of 2000 euros then the second question that we have is how long can we be profitable what is funny is that the question just before moral and voila there it is what it costs us but the real question c in how long what is the real return on investment at the end of how long people can have a return on investment so why not after two days now what is observed in the average of people who start I will not tell you the extremes because there are people who make 30 walls the first month that's not why there are others who make 0 their whole life on average what i would say is that in terms of results we can expect someone who is someone who trains who the best tools nor how long to have a return on investment ie they exceed 500 euros how long it is already to recover his five senses and 500 euros for profit i would say if you are well trained you are here you are applying strategy that you have learned i would say a month survey a month minus five weeks something like that to set up the machine and after that it goes up it makes the objectives it makes me profits more and more consequently a pictures is invested and it was me I tell you honestly to know a little about the waters when I see the advertising budgets which honestly spend knows what he is talking about i have one last question precisely that i received yeah that is exactly a subject this is how are you doing for this case it is thoroughly an advertisement that see it as a product that is winning how do you do to really communicate a lot so already we will maybe explain what it means what it is what it is ie simply does not to invest more and more maximize an advertisement have really pocketed as much money as possible I will go a little in stuff a little technical and ciolek it's actually  it's relatively simple what you are going to do is that at the start you will do targeting that is very close to your market what I mean by that you will in fact take the best targeting that you will have the targeting that seems closest to your product and your audience, so what are you going to do if you are going to launch your campaigns as soon as you have a product that is winning an advertising campaign that works what I invite you to do? have the pique to increase your advertising budget by 20% by every three days what you do is imagine you have advertising at 20 euros per day and although that is what was waiting for us 3 days instantly three days it is profitable you have a return on investment which is higher than the advertising budget you have spent increasing you by 20% from 20 euros to 24 euros advertising budget you still wait three days on your tro is days it is always profitable you increase again by 20% you go from 24 to 26.1 finally - that's it you can do what it allows you to end up with the problem that a lot of people or who is my campaign they I'm working hard I'm changing my budget and I don't understand why it works the most I admit I never understood either why there are changes like that now I know I just know that if I increase by 20% it will go gradually and that empty it avoids precisely this effect there which is the fact that your campaigns will drop to the bottom is what I invite you to do is to do that up to about 100 euros daily budget on a campaign once you have 100 euros of daily budget on a campaign on a single campaign what I invite you to do that to pass in manual bing therefore in manual auction why that allow you to control your bed for example you will say bah m oi i am ready to pay 10 euros maximum per year and facebook will never charge you more than 10 euros per bank that you make with your shop with with tracking save the peak sec so here is 2 0 1 100 euros increased by 20% the budget for its budget every three days and from 100 euros spent in manual auctions to control its budget and that's what allows you to go from 100 200 300 1000 2000 3000 once you spend in the five hundred thousand euros by day your audiences they will start to run out what does that mean that means that it is the people who often saw all the time in fact the same advertisements that means for example it is the person with ten times the same ad so what happens is that market is exhausted a lot by click it starts to go up a lot speak here the email sensor and starts to go up a lot by purchase starts to go up in short your ads they are less profitable here they are have profitable and starts to run out what to do at that time it's going to be going to seek other audiences that are going to be a little more parallel what are some tips that I can give you this level there it will be to always have a table with the categories for example newspaper filmed website internet emissions tv in your time your niche and you put all that so that you always have ninety and thirty interests in reserve you can come to change each time a hearing its folds secondly what you can do is similar audiences but look alike audiences from 'them the emails that you already have from your customer base and that by changing like that and it is also by changing your ads ie the image which has on youtube the video which is on youtube that you allow you to always be able to feed your blog and e-commerce site and never really have an audience that has grown unless you are really in an audience like the dromedaries of the south of France but otherwise there is no problem at this level there you always can find new audiences which will be able to feed your shop in the long term at leo it is inspiring dromedaries because the current member may not have told you but we are in dubai again for q a few days and i think leo you may be helping people even more yours you have created a program we know that by winning who you pay the offer for this is for people who follow advice in video so is this that you can tell us a little more about this training that you have prepared which ensures that they were paid to read suddenly so it's a challenge of four days in fact four days to set up his shop and these e-commerce sales tunnels is really having dropped your business bill which is close to all the basics that are there to start what we know what I noticed in fact is that there are a lot of people who unfortunately take too long procrastinating and that's what I did is that I set up a four-day challenge that pushed to take action every day you will have concrete actions to take at the end of each video and it pushes you to pass in action so the first day we will see we do not smell good we will see the business model together understand the business model to be simply to master the subject m business business late the second day his drink together is how to select your muse his niche sorry that is to say in which area to sell his products .

 select your products so filters to have the best products for us small shops the third day we will see together how to set up your e-commerce store and how to set up these tunnels sales and finally 4 15 days we disturb together the different the different advertising channels how to use them more what to use and above all we will see an example of a winning product from start to finish ie how I choose my niche how I make my products how i find the right product and how up to it behave which cambrai a real case study with a product myself i see us say it honestly I already followed the training of leo when it is excellent especially to spring for 97 euros but is free what so here this training has completely offered it is found on me explains at this level there a small square if not for those who are low on mobile tablets smartphones etc it happens in the description the video thank you again also be at the elbow and became since then we see all the information in the description each knocked on to follow AUTOMATIC PLAY ...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Why Does Every Business Need Remote Network Access for Their Employees?

Why Does Every Business Need Remote Network Access for Their Employees?

Due to the pandemic, all non-essential businesses have continued to close their doors - a situation that could extend for several more weeks. If these recent developments have taught us anything, it's that we should be prepared for any eventuality.

If you own a business, what steps are you taking to transition your employees to a work from home environment? Remote network access is critical - pandemic or not -- especially if most or all of your work force is conducting business from their homes. In order to keep your company afloat, customers happy and productivity at a consistent level, and workers employed, you have to enable remote network access for your employees.

What You Need to Know: Remote Access Solutions
Telecommuting not only helps companies cut overhead costs and allows employees to juggle work with personal engagements at their own pace, it facilitates a more productive "work at your own schedule" situation.

There are several ways you can establish remote work opportunities for your company. You could:

  • Choose a complete Virtual Private Network.
  • Deploy remote desktop access.
  • Set up a cloud computing network and share files between home offices to develop a virtual office setup.
Virtual Private Network

  • Good option for companies that want to offer either intermittent access or full-time access to remote work solutions; however, remote devices must be properly secured and protocols must be followed.
  • Encryption protocols make the transfer of information between the VPN and the end users quite secure.
  • The VPN itself isn't vulnerable to direct attack.


  • PCs that aren't protected could transfer viruses and malware to the VPN if not secure. Connection to a VPN can make the system vulnerable if employees do not disconnect when finished.
  • These are more difficult to set up than remote desktop access.
Remote Desktop Access Solutions
You can enable remote desktop access in one of three ways:

  • Remote access software
  • Enterprise remote desktop
  • Direct remote access
Remote access software solutions are less secure at their most basic level, with limited centralized control of employee log-in and remote access. This solution has a higher cost, while direct remote access is free. Still, this is a solid choice for smaller companies with intermittent work-from-home needs.

Enterprise remote desktop solutions are more scalable but tougher to set up. They offer a seamless experience and operate through hosted solutions, which comes at an increased cost; however, the ease of setup is better than having to establish this infrastructure on your own.

Direct remote access requires proper security protocols are followed to ensure the system is not vulnerable to attack. It can be difficult to remotely restart a computer that has frozen. Also, many hardware issues will have to be addressed on-site.

Cloud Network Remote Work
This is a good choice if you are opting to work from a complete virtual office, as these solutions offer additional flexibility and cost benefits. They do hold some risks because it's difficult to control what employees are doing with their hardware at home.

What to Consider
Check out these factors to consider when deciding on a type and provider of remote access and work solutions:

Ease-of-Installation: How much time is involved? How much effort? Will it cause downtime in operations as the transition happens?
Ease-of-Use: Can your employees and IT department easily use this solution?
Cost: How much does each solution cost vs. how much will it save your company?
Security: How secure is the option you're considering? How dependent is it on users' ability to follow stated protocols?

Contact Monmouth Computer Associates
For assistance on deciding which solution is best for your needs or for help setting up your remote access solution infrastructure, contact us today.

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The Top 6 Tips That Every eCommerce Business Owner Should Know...

The Top 6 Tips That Every eCommerce Business Owner Should Know

Here we're looking at the six common mistakes that eCommerce businesses make.

Over the years I've looked at literally thousands of websites and time and time again, I see companies making the same mistakes. I want to show you the six common mistakes that businesses make, and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1:

Outdated design - giving a poor first impression. You simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of good web design. Poor design can equal poor conversions. Remember - first impressions count.

Mistake 2:

Not having a unique page for each product. You'd be amazed at how many eCommerce sites try to cram 20 or more products into one page, when they'd be far better served by creating one page for one product.

Putting lots of products onto one page makes your site look small.

Create a new page for each product - you'll be glad you did.

Mistake 3:

Assuming that you don't have to talk to users. This is so important that it needs to be broken down into two sections.

1. Many sites have little or no copy on their webpages. For the product page, there may be a couple of lines of technical specs. This simply won't cut it.

Do not be afraid to describe your products or services thoroughly on your website.

2. The failure to use any sales copy on the product pages. You've set your website up to sell. do not assume that people are going to buy from you. Help your website

visitor to make an informed decision with your website copy. Be a little bit pushy, but be polite.

Mistake 4:

Hiding where you are and how to get hold of you. So many eCommerce websites hide their physical address and their telephone numbers and make them virtually impossible to find.

If I'm a consumer deciding who to buy from, big factors will be:

number 1: What's their telephone number, and do they answer it?

number 2: What's their address if I need to send anything back?

If that information is difficult to find on your website you will be losing out on sales.

Don't hide from customers. Make your telephone number and physical address really really easy to find.

If possible, make sure that they appear on every page.

Mistake 5:

Not telling your visitors the benefits of buying from you. What products, offers, services or guarantees do you offer that your competitors don't? Tell everybody about this and tell it again and again and again.

In summary, tell visitors the benefits of buying from your company.

Mistake 6:

The last common mistake that most business owners make is to ignore SEO basics. Ignoring SEO basics is literally costing eCommerce business owners a small fortune in lost revenue.

Doing some keyword research and adding some unique titles to each product page is an absolute must.

So how about you? Does every single product page have unique titles?

In summary, do not ignore SEO basics.

Are you using the six basic tips in your eCommerce business?

Don't know what to do next? Confused by all the things you need to know to run your eCommerce business? Don't want the hassle and learning curve of promotion and search engine optimisation?

Don't worry! We can help you with the free

How to Start Your Ecommerce Business And Make Money From It

How to Start Your Ecommerce Business And Make Money From It

In this article you will discover a progress of starting, promoting and making money from your Ecommerce business. This progress includes picking your favorite market, setting up your website in the correct way, and promoting your website. After reading this article, you should be able to start your Ecommerce business.

  • Choose Your Market

The first thing is to choose your market. You can start by choosing a market that excites you, or you have good knowledge in. For example, if you like hiking, selling hiking products may be a good choose. If you like taking photos with digital camera, selling digital cameras is probably the way to go. However, if you do not have any preference, it is not a problem also. You simply go to Amazon or eBay and find out what the best selling products are right now, and get start with that.

  • Setting Up Website

Most of the people are complicating the progress of setting up an Ecommerce website. Actually, all you need is a fast loading and professional website. And this can be created using existing content management system for Ecommerce. Although a lot of people are already comfortable about buying stuff online, if your website is difficult to use, hard to navigate and loaded slowly, you will still lose a lot of businesses. Therefore please keep it simple and do not re-invent the wheel. If your visitors find that it is difficult to use your site, they will either find another one that is simpler than figure out how to use your site.

  • Find a Supplier

Similar to a regular business, you need to find your product sources. Your primary source is a search engine. You simply search your product type plus the word "supplier" or "provider" and you should be able to find one. Remember you need to do your research about that supplier before paying money to them.

  • Customer Service

This is very important to a business and business owners are strongly recommended to pay close attention to this part. Ideally business owners should handle this part themselves. Not only can you understand what your customers and prospects really want, but also you can find out which part of your business should be improved.

  • Promote Your Business Through SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which simply means that you are optimizing your website to be viewed by a search engine, and allows search engine users to find you easily through a search engine. There are a few tips about how to do SEO on an Ecommerce website.

First you need unique content to your website. It can be a blog post or a unique product description, which is different from the one provided by manufacturer. Unique content allows a search engine to differentiate from other websites, therefore increasing opportunity for your website to have a higher ranking in search results.

Secondly, focus on single keyword on a product page. In other words, you can use the product name as a keyword and that page is all about that product.

At last but not the least, make sure that your URL is also understandable by a search engine. Never uses product ID or other parameters on the URL unless you have to. If you are using content management system, this part has been handled already. 

How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

hello everyone here alex welcome to this new site or to this article. I will present the best alternative to Ali Express so in this article we will talk about agents because it is something that I was very much very much to ask.

So this is something that i will do to you now. so first we will see what an agent is then see what are the advantages of an agent and believe me there are many and all list here then we will see what the conditions are because yes we can not everyone cannot work as agents there are conditions for the emmys here.

Then goodbye how suddenly works with them if you meet the conditions to see how to work with them so before this video how I invite you to subscribe with the manger of corrections if it is not already done and it is suddenly we find ourselves on my screen. ok so it's all about being able to talk about agents in dropshipping as if the crises and the number one alternative express ally and if you really want to take it to the next level be it your brand.

If you have a brand or not elsewhere if you have a brand this is ideal if you really want to take it to the next level in dropshipping really invites you to work with agents so what is an agent a agent it is a supplier which is located in china quite simply what are the advantages of working with an agent the products are generally cheaper the agent will negotiate the products for you with the supplier therefore in general you will finally it depends on price of your product.

But I know that I had products that I paid $ 7 but I had them for $ 6 with him so it may seem little but on a name a big one very big volumes it's still something quite substantial if you have 1000 orders you saved a dollar. So here it is not it is not negligible then the delivery is faster generally this 7 days sometimes you will have much less but in general with the launched these days while when you take standard extracts balas had to be 14 and still it is rare up to 21 days so in a week between a week and three weeks there is still a nice margin so it's still much more advantageous to have a delivery to seven days then you have the possibility of adding a logo on your product it's palm and we will take the example of that here we have a hard drive. ok well the agent eva pauly there will be the possibility of adding what there is here he will be able to add a logo whatever on your product can add what you want then there is possibility of personalizing your packaging therefore a beautiful well personalized packaging.

Frankly that in terms of perceived value to me there's no picture it's huge and can create a brand with a real belgium since you can buy your logo on your product you have the possibility to customize your packaging you have a delivery which is much faster you can really from bags create a real brand then there is a better order placement it depends on the money with which you will work but there are applications like mass full feel ex -fortis fine or else you will send via a csv file so a csv file is downloaded in shopi's orders you had to download a csv file sent to you either directly to your agent and or then there are agents directly below.

You are right to do it manages everything for you it installs a small plugin it depends in fact it really depends on the agents.
then you have control over what you sell since you have direct contact with your supplier you control over what you sell you know how the delivery is located finally that's all you have taken on what you do. have an advantage over all the competition because you have a brand image and you are a copiable from the moment you have a possibility of adding a logo is produced a beautiful packaging with a delivery in four five six days. you are a friend no one will be able to come and compete with you that is certain i think in particular of the int nutrition brand it seems to me everyone everyone has sold abs simulators ok there are thousands of people who lie about honey a single brand in France that stood out and it is a brand besides I know the owner of .

This brand but this brand there they stood out why because their site was good much cleaner than the others they have a real packaging it really had a real big brand image and suddenly bah that's what they really knew to perpetuate their shops. then you have the possibility of increasing your margin why because that the cost of the product already it can be cheaper and the brand image is stronger and which says stronger brand image which says higher perceived value and which says higher perceived value yes allow you to put higher price s and then you have a clientele that is much more satisfied with their order even if you sell stuff not that great I cgt had given in to give this example there but once I ordered a case with a case for my iphone and it was an ordinary shell it was a transparent shell but the packaging it was super well made it was super sleek well presented and it is suddenly the perceived value it really increased and suddenly but I was satisfied while it is a shell time of it so you can sell a shell in a beautiful packaging a present etc and sell the same shell in an old package said express in your opinion your customer it will be satisfied in someone so. here is the choice it is quickly made then what are the conditions to work with a mage already you must have a minimum of experience what I mean by that is that you know what you do and have generated at less before 10000 euros of turnover like that you made a few figures you have a little experience it goes a little what you do and then there are conditions at the entry so there are agents who will ask for example if you advertise facebook they will ask you to make about 21 40 orders per day minimum if you do either they will not take you and if you work as influencers they will we they will ask you to do approximately goes to 30,000 euros of turnover per month.

Basically if you do below it will be very very very very complicated to work with an agent or even almost impossible but if you are in this range the room is possible to work with an agent then how to work with them the best of possibilities it is to be recommended by someone me it was my case it was a person with whom I work and who had an agent and simply to send them his skype and conscript agreed and it is to there I got my agent so. that's the best possibility is to be recommended by someone then some suppliers to an expression put you in touch with agencies he sees that you have a lot of orders with them me that's what I had had before I had a lot of orders from an express supplier so I was still going by express at that time their he put me in contact with an agent and suddenly he asked me if I wanted to make a personalized hiddink pack etc sometimes it will just come to you directly then you can already asked directly to your aliexpress supplier you can ask him if it is possible to make a stock to deliver faster etc or to put you in touch with
then you can also find them on delegation sites such as word for example there are some who designate one of the agents who is located on it just simply contact them you agree exactly like any agent.

You can ask for connections via facebook groups there are facebook groups had a lot of good facebook that talks about drop shipping and that its meals and you can ask these people there if you have fulfilled the conditions that I put you here you can put a position by asking the agents of certain people there may be some who agreed to put you in touch with their agent so it's a possibility so it's a possibility we see there it was a article quite short but really all the elements were there so thank you for staying until the sentence invites us to put a little blue guys you are subscribed if it is not already done me I tell you at the next it was alex.