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Best Ecommerce Platform For Big Business Of 2020 ...

Best Ecommerce Platform For Big Business Of 2020 ...

So which platform to choose for your e-commerce? This is what we are going to see today. Hello, this is Serge of e-commerce passion.
 Today, I'm going to give you feedback on my choice of e-commerce platform. There are several. We will see together all the existing platforms, and above all I will tell you above all what I think about it. Little parenthesis, don't forget to subscribe to the site to receive the latest article. But before you get into e-commerce, you need to find your best ecommerce platform for big business

So I'm going to show you in detail what it currently exists. In fact there are two types of platform. The one you own and the one you rent. So the one that belongs to you. In the one that belongs to you, we can say that there is the house solution, that is to say the one that you make yourself from A to Z. This is what I did on my e-commerce site .

 So in fact, we created everything from A to Z. We started from a blank page and we created everything page by page and so on. Then there is the Open Source solution. The Open Source solution is Open Source, it is a solution that you install and that is free of rights. That is, once you have installed it, you can do whatever you want with it.

 You can modify it as you see fit. As an Open Source solution, there is PrestaShop, Magento. There are still plenty of others, including Joomla which is not quite an e-commerce site but we can divert it. Then, there is the solution that you rent that is to say that you will pay by subscription monthly a sum and the company in question must make your e-commerce site evolve and above all, must make it work .

Best ecommerce platform for big business:

 There are several providers that do this but basically there is WiziShop, there is the Oasis solution of Web and Solution, and the last solution that is currently in vogue is the Shopify solution. So WiziShop and Shopify are two solutions that are quite affordable for the start. After Oasis it is a solution that is a little bit more robust so that is a little more expensive but for having seen, for having made a demo on Oasis, I assure you that the solution it is strong.

 It is sturdy especially in terms of robustness but above all it is sturdy in terms of options that you have. I don’t know how many options it’s crazy. You can configure everything from the graphic template to the smallest details. Really ! Finally I was amazed. All right, but it's all well and good, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? We will see that together.
 So the advantages of that, the Home Solution. Perhaps the main advantage is that it is a homemade solution. So you really do what you want. Suppose you have an idea, something that will save you time. Well, you can immediately create it, develop it and put it in place. Another cool thing, you can really optimize according to your needs.

 That is to say that if you admit the creation of product sheets, you do not need five hundred million options because you, in your theme, a product sheet is done quickly enough. Well, here ! In fact, what you are doing is that you are really creating a page that will make you a very quick product page. I tell you that knowingly because let's admit on a prestashop, to create a product sheet it's a little bit like the gas plant.

 You are wasting a lot of time because there are a lot of options. And in fact, you use half of it. And another advantage is that it is a homemade solution. So very few hackers know the structure of your site, so suddenly, they are less interested in trying to hack. While a prestashop, a magento or other solutions are very, very widespread. So hackers, if they have fun cracking a site, they can crack several.

Now the disadvantages of the house solution. Well, the disadvantages of the homemade solution is simply that, indeed you can develop everything but everything takes a long time to develop. That is to say that on OpenSource solutions, there are a lot of modules that you can buy. Let's admit, you want to modify your interface, and of course Prestashop Magento, you will buy a module and you will be able to modify the interface, an option etcetera. Whereas on a homemade solution, you have to develop from A to Z.

 So it's an advantage to develop everything. This is a disadvantage because you are still lagging behind. Technologies are moving so fast that it's not easy to follow. Another downside is that it's difficult to outsource to a developer. Same situation, same situation as an OpenSource solution, that’s, it remains standard solutions so there are a lot of developers around these solutions.

 While a homemade solution, well you have to find a developer who knows your structure, that is to say that there is none. So the only solution is to train it. So you're going to find a developer, you're going to train him for 3/4/5/6 months. Once it is formed on your structure, it can develop. So in fact it takes a long time to learn, it makes you lose money.

 So now that we’ve seen the pros and cons of the in-house solution, we’re going to tackle the OpenSource solution. The advantage of an OpenSource solution is that, basic, it is already equipped with many options. The other advantage is that there is an impressive catalog of modules. If you want super precise statistics of your website, of your sales, there are modules for that.

 If you want to export your accounts, there are modules for that. If you want to improve your marketing, if you want to improve your product flow, if you want to improve your natural referencing, there are modules for that. In fact, you have modules for everything. And last but not least, if you are looking for a developer, you will easily find it because you are on a so-called standard platform. But hey, there are also disadvantages in this platform.

 First drawback, the security flaws. As I told you before, a hacker will crack an OpenSource site, and he will be able to crack several. So you have to update your solution continuously. As soon as a new version is released, do not hesitate, you must update it.

 And another disadvantage also of OpenSource platforms, what you should know is that, in general, OpenSource platforms are designed in this way; you have a codes part and a template part called template in fact it is the graphic part. That is to say that if you change only the graphic part, upon updating, there will be no problem. 

But if you have fun touching the code, the heart, they call it the heart, as soon as you go to touch the heart, with each update there will be a problem because the files will not match. So that’s a little bit of the downside of working on that. But hey, I reassure you anyway, the latest versions of the platforms are still quite advanced and the developers manage to get around the problem of the heart.

 So don't worry, this problem is minimal. Here we have just seen the OpenSource platforms. Now we will look at the so-called rental platforms. So the benefits of these are you don't care about anything. In fact it is the lessor who will take care of the updates, who will take care of the new options.

 He’s going to take care of everything. Anyway, you will still have a job, don't worry. The disadvantages of this platform are manifold, but above all there is one that for me bothers me, it is that in fact the solution does not belong to you. In fact, yes everything that is database, everything that is creation of product sheets, it belongs to you but the platform in itself does not belong to you. In other words, if you want to break the contract, you end up with a database file and a domain name. But everything in the middle, well, it doesn't exist any more.
So you have to start from scratch and it is very bad in terms of SEO to start from scratch because Google does not like at all. And the other downside is that you do with the solution. That is to say that if the owner of the solution offers you ten options and you want an eleventh, well if he has developed so much better and if he has not developed it, too bad for you.

 So on the other hand, I know that some rental companies can do development by theme but then we get into another story and finally it may cost you more than if you had chosen an OpenSource solution. So now that we've seen the pros and cons, what do I recommend? So as you know, I work with a homemade solution, I have already installed Prestashop solutions, the Chausspetons.fr site was made on a Prestashop solution. And in the past, I also rented my house solution.

 So, I have a little feedback that may be useful to you. So, as you can see, the one I recommend today is the OpenSource solution. Why the OpenSource solution? Well, because it is much more manageable, it will cost you much less than all the other solutions. Above all, you can really do what you want with it. If you want to develop, you will find people who can do on these platforms, it will be easy. If you want to add an option, there are a plethora of modules so you can really buy the module and install it yourself on a small budget. There are also lots of graphic themes for cheap, around, with 100 euros, you will be able to find a graphic theme and quickly install it on your solution.

 After which to choose between the two OpenSource solutions that I gave you, then clearly if you make a big turnover with a big catalog products, then I advise you to turn to the Magento solution which is really made for big sites . Be careful though because it's made for big sites and it's made for big budgets too. Very few developers exist on Magento. And the developers who exist on Magento are cadors so the budget follows. Now if you have a small budget like me and you have a small turnover which is between 500,000 and 2 million euros, the solution like Prestashop is fine because it is super customizable.

 As I told you earlier, you will easily find themes. There is a huge forum on Prestashop where everyone helps each other. There is really a community around this solution. Really I encourage you to go see the Prestashop forum. You will see that there are really people behind this solution. And no no, I have no part in Prestashop, don't worry. Besides, if you looked at the report of the challenge of December, I explain to you that I am in the process of creating an online store on Prestashop.

 And if you want to see the evolution of this new site, I invite you to register for private access to my site www.passion-ecommerce.com So you may be wondering why I block access to this site, well for two reasons. In fact, this is not the first time that I explain it on the videos but hey here I prefer to make a reminder. I have an associate who is with me on the online store and he does not seek to be highlighted so for the sake of confidentiality, I will ask you to be understanding.

 And the second point, you know the purpose of this chain, is to show you how to make profit and how to generate turnover. So if my customers stumble across my videos, my e-commerce store customers of course, I’m afraid it’s badly taken. So here I prefer to block access. On the other hand, I give you access to this evolution via my member access. Before leaving, be sure to subscribe to the site.

Best ecommerce platform for big business:

 If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I would be happy to answer them. With that, see you soon Bye Bye.

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How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

hello everyone here alex welcome to this new site or to this article. I will present the best alternative to Ali Express so in this article we will talk about agents because it is something that I was very much very much to ask.

So this is something that i will do to you now. so first we will see what an agent is then see what are the advantages of an agent and believe me there are many and all list here then we will see what the conditions are because yes we can not everyone cannot work as agents there are conditions for the emmys here.

Then goodbye how suddenly works with them if you meet the conditions to see how to work with them so before this video how I invite you to subscribe with the manger of corrections if it is not already done and it is suddenly we find ourselves on my screen. ok so it's all about being able to talk about agents in dropshipping as if the crises and the number one alternative express ally and if you really want to take it to the next level be it your brand.

If you have a brand or not elsewhere if you have a brand this is ideal if you really want to take it to the next level in dropshipping really invites you to work with agents so what is an agent a agent it is a supplier which is located in china quite simply what are the advantages of working with an agent the products are generally cheaper the agent will negotiate the products for you with the supplier therefore in general you will finally it depends on price of your product.

But I know that I had products that I paid $ 7 but I had them for $ 6 with him so it may seem little but on a name a big one very big volumes it's still something quite substantial if you have 1000 orders you saved a dollar. So here it is not it is not negligible then the delivery is faster generally this 7 days sometimes you will have much less but in general with the launched these days while when you take standard extracts balas had to be 14 and still it is rare up to 21 days so in a week between a week and three weeks there is still a nice margin so it's still much more advantageous to have a delivery to seven days then you have the possibility of adding a logo on your product it's palm and we will take the example of that here we have a hard drive. ok well the agent eva pauly there will be the possibility of adding what there is here he will be able to add a logo whatever on your product can add what you want then there is possibility of personalizing your packaging therefore a beautiful well personalized packaging.

Frankly that in terms of perceived value to me there's no picture it's huge and can create a brand with a real belgium since you can buy your logo on your product you have the possibility to customize your packaging you have a delivery which is much faster you can really from bags create a real brand then there is a better order placement it depends on the money with which you will work but there are applications like mass full feel ex -fortis fine or else you will send via a csv file so a csv file is downloaded in shopi's orders you had to download a csv file sent to you either directly to your agent and or then there are agents directly below.

You are right to do it manages everything for you it installs a small plugin it depends in fact it really depends on the agents.
then you have control over what you sell since you have direct contact with your supplier you control over what you sell you know how the delivery is located finally that's all you have taken on what you do. have an advantage over all the competition because you have a brand image and you are a copiable from the moment you have a possibility of adding a logo is produced a beautiful packaging with a delivery in four five six days. you are a friend no one will be able to come and compete with you that is certain i think in particular of the int nutrition brand it seems to me everyone everyone has sold abs simulators ok there are thousands of people who lie about honey a single brand in France that stood out and it is a brand besides I know the owner of .

This brand but this brand there they stood out why because their site was good much cleaner than the others they have a real packaging it really had a real big brand image and suddenly bah that's what they really knew to perpetuate their shops. then you have the possibility of increasing your margin why because that the cost of the product already it can be cheaper and the brand image is stronger and which says stronger brand image which says higher perceived value and which says higher perceived value yes allow you to put higher price s and then you have a clientele that is much more satisfied with their order even if you sell stuff not that great I cgt had given in to give this example there but once I ordered a case with a case for my iphone and it was an ordinary shell it was a transparent shell but the packaging it was super well made it was super sleek well presented and it is suddenly the perceived value it really increased and suddenly but I was satisfied while it is a shell time of it so you can sell a shell in a beautiful packaging a present etc and sell the same shell in an old package said express in your opinion your customer it will be satisfied in someone so. here is the choice it is quickly made then what are the conditions to work with a mage already you must have a minimum of experience what I mean by that is that you know what you do and have generated at less before 10000 euros of turnover like that you made a few figures you have a little experience it goes a little what you do and then there are conditions at the entry so there are agents who will ask for example if you advertise facebook they will ask you to make about 21 40 orders per day minimum if you do either they will not take you and if you work as influencers they will we they will ask you to do approximately goes to 30,000 euros of turnover per month.

Basically if you do below it will be very very very very complicated to work with an agent or even almost impossible but if you are in this range the room is possible to work with an agent then how to work with them the best of possibilities it is to be recommended by someone me it was my case it was a person with whom I work and who had an agent and simply to send them his skype and conscript agreed and it is to there I got my agent so. that's the best possibility is to be recommended by someone then some suppliers to an expression put you in touch with agencies he sees that you have a lot of orders with them me that's what I had had before I had a lot of orders from an express supplier so I was still going by express at that time their he put me in contact with an agent and suddenly he asked me if I wanted to make a personalized hiddink pack etc sometimes it will just come to you directly then you can already asked directly to your aliexpress supplier you can ask him if it is possible to make a stock to deliver faster etc or to put you in touch with
then you can also find them on delegation sites such as word for example there are some who designate one of the agents who is located on it just simply contact them you agree exactly like any agent.

You can ask for connections via facebook groups there are facebook groups had a lot of good facebook that talks about drop shipping and that its meals and you can ask these people there if you have fulfilled the conditions that I put you here you can put a position by asking the agents of certain people there may be some who agreed to put you in touch with their agent so it's a possibility so it's a possibility we see there it was a article quite short but really all the elements were there so thank you for staying until the sentence invites us to put a little blue guys you are subscribed if it is not already done me I tell you at the next it was alex.