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How to work in Ecommerce Platform Amazon: $ 800 / Hour of Work

How to work  in Ecommerce Platform Amazon: $ 800 / Hour of Work

hello everyone here anthony roy god for a new business article and today we will see how to become an amazon seller in 2020 .
Good the question that arises is how to become an amazon dealer in 2010 nine vehicles it's really interesting is it still profitable you should know one thing is that there is amazon has existed for already twenty years so already if you ask yourself the question of stability of reliability there is no doubt amazon remains leader of the e- trade in france and in the world with almost three quarters of the market share it is closing the traditional shops there is closed agreement of the big brands all over the world then you can trust amazon on stage and no worries now ...

what that I would like to say it is really because the area is more than a means of making money it will be an opportunity to obtain passive income a salary which is not a salary in itself but a salary that is wrong be paid by your boss but by the fruit of your work and without providing the physical effort only with the implementation of a good implementation we set off and it's like a time bomb it's a business to internment in fact it is a delayed salary we are going to set up actions we are going to set up here are the working methods and methods to correctly highlight its products and highlight its activity and its shop and behind .
we are going to have a passive income which is going to come in even when we talk about holidays even when we sleep even when we are sick even if a car accident even can have in all cases this business la c1 passive income and even in a year two years if your business is solid your products are correct your ambitions are realistic and are honest you will not do it yourself in a year this business will keep you eating and will continue to give you the opportunity to quit er your job or keep your job and have that extra if you are really greedy but in any case it is really an activity an opportunity that can change but enough talked about how to become an amazon reseller in 2020.

 it's very simple already we will not start by doing a product search the first step was the product that we decided and that we will decide to sell at the docks and on amazon and on the marketplace so first thing first step we choose a product and in 2016 as I have a product for you it's very simple I made a video that explains how to find a product that works and that works on ecommerce platform amazon ok I leave you the link in the description I invite you at the end of the video to go watch so simply this video and you will learn how to find a winning product if that is what you plan to do at the moment if it is in the state so you are then we register on arzon it is necessary register ire on a microsot raft to a parallel account ok we put his details we will try training etc etc learn a professional account to which the difference between a pro account is a little particular and the particular accounts it is for what he wants to do small metro money is for this against ambition who are not afraid to take risks and who want something downright if already you start by taking a small one you are not involved so we will finally understand these boils and then it seems you spend 10 euros a day or 400 euros per month in the media and you have no more to put 50 euros in a subscription to try to change life so we take this oversight tomorrow and simply take a pro account and once we has a son control it is very good we became an amazon seller we will be without counting his sheets we receive these products have checked the condition of his products we will take very nice pictures of his product very nice pictures okc even if tight because an iphone is not serious but it is necessary to apply take beautiful photos of this fake lula once we registered on amazon I also wanted the link to register on amazon too it's obvious we type we find amazon seller excuse me I leave you there linked me to the registration to become an amazon reseller and then therefore once we received these tested products all these products we did beautiful photos so we will create a new ad on amazon and there we will be able to post its different access buttons the mayor here is the maximum of possible doubt in the caire if this rise and would not be made a photo of his passes and 3 photos his means his 1.6 to my joy 7.8 c ' is nickel it's perfect I have everything to sail once we have posted photos very important that we will revise the practices to present the product does not have the characteristics of the product ok it's a very beautiful air with photos with here is 16 megapixels or of course you have to put the details a little more worth the registration but only one consumer to know is what will really bring him what is what makes it is going to change his life for simply so highlight the product and do not sell the Vendée line pen which ensures the fecq simply not there you understand a little bit the way of thinking when it comes to before the Apollo number very beautiful photos we write a very very beautiful arti key with a bobard aggravates sailboats and then we will really focus on SEO lessio put good titles with the right keywords once we have done the referencing cubism ad and it's because ok where the Amazon sellers we have created an ad now what I'm going to advise you 100% to boost your business.

 they earn money going really dense another step with the leaders of ecommerce platform amazon sellers it's going to be simply going through amazon nba is canceled on ticket is simply the fact of having stocks in amazon warehouses and being able to no longer take care of anything and automate your activity our first advantage we are already going to case for having made by a cardboard a good big cardboard and then we will print a spl there is everything is explained on the back office damask wants and we will prepare the card in the right place in the Amazon warehouses and once it has arrived there amazon will take care of your box from a to z so that is to say this is like a client not only in english no need for standards and shipping but on top of that you will be better positioned who says better positioned in amazon on the in the product search rankings on the amazon search engine if you are better positioned more sales by therefore more sales at resonates even more sales and more sell even more sales so you understand the note we will have to put all the chances on his side amazon shipped by zones this program has also give us the right to prague badges and the prime match it is a pledge of confidence with the customer what releases number ten pl us sales and then the brunch price is ranked higher therefore more sales which says more sales even more sales at ecommerce platform amazon there are really steps to succeed already found the product first then once we have received its first check the quality once we have checked the quality we send rude to amazon and it is they who will take care of shipping to customers not only in automation and in addition we have advantages we have the match tribe we have a reduced costs when it comes to costs the place go to the post office you will see the costs are limited to double so here we have everything to gain a passer by passing by ship by amazon and in addition the after-sales service hoist the and its modules so go through dispatch by ecommerce platform amazon you will really boost your business done in an emergency once we are not apologizing by amazon here we are going to start making its first sales finally we are a seller and we started saleh on starts to generate turnover has gained profit in generating money and we are careful to start 3.2 south well what will happen quite simply is that now we will go to advertising we will set up advertising campaigns with amazon and on top of that you will have 25 euros per country so there are five customers in europe at amazon so in these five countries you will have 25 20 55 25 and 25 euros offered for your first campaigns advertising so no it's you try ad campaign for those who are at this stage tried I have a video also that they deal with on how to launch ad campaigns in detail okay not just the outline details of how to make moa moe step by step so you yourself but this video in the description do not hesitate to watch and you will see that it is very simple to launch a campaign skinned it is really here it is really it is really an engine that can you get doubled or even tripled moment 'but at a pace that you do not even imagine and which says more sales at ecommerce platform amazon says more to replace understood you understood or before so that's it the states the main lines there I made you the outline but in each outline I have a video which deal with the subject thus went to see its videos there because they will be able to really help you according to the stage to which you are ok it was anthony kouadio for a new business video see you very soon in the next video do not hesitate to leave a blue thumb located to find the relevant video a comment if you have questions about this video or other videos to beaune toi if you want me to continue video and to motivate me on the bell if you want to be aware of all the news of new products of new business before everyone there is also a partner club in which you can did you register the club business france and that's 100% natural it's a group of motivated and united agreement entrepreneurs who share opportunities in business investment products and advice on agreement it's 100% free you just have to submit applications you send us an email to the emails which is in the description or you leave us a comment with your email and you will be contacted otherwise they send us directly an email where you contact me to tell me that you would like to be a candidate by explaining to us why is what you do in life is what you want to do later here it was anthony month of august for a new business video i wish you very nice facts and we say ah very quickly go to the top hat without limitation billion.

3Methods To Make Money With Ecommerce Platform Amazon

hello everyone and welcome to this new article from the blog my salary in slip point fr today I suggest that we look together at the latest figures that I produced on ecommerce platform amazon , that is to say over a full year at the start of last year I said to myself good why not try the marketplace is true that it looks interesting is threatened with price at first glance it was not something that attracts me is then in a little more '' a year of work with brands and ace at the end of work is a big word but we will say in a little more than a year it turns out that it is something very interesting to exploit to the extent where there is still a lot of room in fact to take on the brands were of the amazon priceminister type the big advantage is that these platforms in themselves have a lot of visibility and catch a train a relatively large volume of traffic suddenly you work all immediately ent on a traffic base which can which is potentially significant either from a point of view and if yo since the platforms have power in themselves or from the point of view of the internal visibility of these platforms there are a lot of people which does not go through google or any search engine to search for a product to buy and which will go directly through the marketplaces therefore for this year 2015 early 2016 me good majority on amazon I was not original to make a little little my weapons and then I ended up on priceminister or I did some tests too but the main part of the turnover was carried out on ecommerce platform amazon fr I did not attack foreign platforms then for all that is marketplace this is quality your main quality is to be smart .

 Opportunistic this is to be opportunistic it is going to be relatively important especially depending on the method you choose approached is one that you will choose there are three main approaches then the first approach is you will find a product that those already on amazon that work well with all the indicators it takes to prove to you that this product works well that is to say that there will be customer comments there will be product reviews the product will be well classified in the category from the point of view of visibility that is to say that when you type canton will click on a generic category produce ecommerce platform amazon will go up relatively high and you can also have access to the classification of this same product within a category this is information that ecommerce platform amazon tons I will not go too far on the methodology today but for the idea the first method is to place yourself on something that already exists and that is already sold by another seller the technique it will ultimately be quite simply to try to find suppliers to see if already it is a product on which the seller margins well if this is the case you can position yourself on it and sell a little cheaper than the oil occurs which makes you appear in boxing by default and a priori you will have a certain number of sales assured where it is dangerous it is that nothing prevents your competitor which which was already in place before you in turn to lower the price and that moment it will be he who will return in boxing by default you will again lower the private you and so on which makes that thread by needle at the end much more nobody will earn money or almost so this is an approach which is interesting but still must be at current that the party is going to end at one point or another simply because selling a product on which you are almost no longer margin is relatively unattractive but it is an approach that can work a while month was the c ace for more than six months oddly the competitor was not particularly reactive at the level of his prices and they did not exploit all the levers that allows to amazon to get into boxing by default the second approach is to place yourself on a product for which you are not the source or the brand but which is not yet listed in the catalog, so what that means it is quite simply a product that amazon does not have in its catalog and which for as much exists in addition then why it is interesting on the one hand because you will be at least at the beginning all alone on this product there are a priori very few benchmarks for the internet user to make a price comparison and therefore you can walk very correctly most of the time the danger is that good but on this product even if you have indicators in relation to the theme in general and it is precisely on this product you have no sales indicator on the platform in question is the second problem is that nothing prevents a competitor who d also happens overnight and you f have the same move as for the first method that is to say that they come to place and sell cheaper than you at that time he will benefit from your efforts that is to say that you will have written the product sheet for him you will have cleared the field since if it comes to stand behind you it is a priori it will have had indicators on its side as to what you are doing well this product is therefore at some point the party will be over again for this second method it is a method which is a little bit more durable than the first is also not something you can count on for several years unless you negotiate an exclusivity with the supplier sdat third method is to create your own product then go to the extreme ie really create a product from a to z there are a number of suppliers that allow you to affix your brand simply on a product that manufactures and with this method you will finally have a unique barcode what you will do more than you will create in relation to this product is your brand and that will allow you to be alone in fact on your product page since the competitors will not in fact be able to come on your specific product on your brand since it will be identified via a unique barcode and if anyone has fun doing it you can report ecommerce platform amazon .

 Aazon inner ah we will do you in your favor to identify the competitor so here the three main methods I used only the first for the moment because it was the one that was ultimately the least time-consuming but it is also the least perennial so it is not impossible that in the weeks and months to come I try the other two approaches and especially the third m6 is a little longer to set up at all levels it is also nice sometimes to say that we are doing something on the l ong term and we can count on it for several years to note me I just use the amazon and then to some extent priceminister but here are brands and ace in there is a lot of fun in France and then if we leave if we go international there I let you imagine the number of platforms that link to this is simply huge we must also consider that the marketplace and e-commerce of niche in a classic way it is not 2 of concept lanka antagonists both can cumulate both can complement each other and both can bring relatively important information when one seeks to evolve the economic potential of such or such niche one will not develop no more arbitration between e-commerce platforms but know that it is something relatively interesting to set up arbitration finally it will just consist of detecting the differences in prices that you could have on the same product between two platforms different forms and then to come you place on one or the other platform by selling cheaper on the platform on which you will sell but by selling p read more expensive than on the use platform go where you go you on these but it is another subject we will see that in a next article so the object of the article was essentially to prove that we could generate real income without having to devote an enormous amount of time to it without either setting up very complicated technical concepts via the brands and ace therefore for the year 2015 2016 here is the summary so there we export it and we started it in May 2015 you see that the turnover for each month is relatively constant except for the except for the month of September then there it simply comes from me that is to say that I had more stock it's rather fart but once again I wanted to say I didn't really really focus on brands and tests I rather tackle things in test mode and it's a dip that shouldn't happen the same in January where there I clearly threw conner there were more of my products were no longer in stock ditto for the month of April 2016 so there roughly if we do the calculation it seems to me we are about 20,000 euros in turnover the products that I had managed to find allowed me margin is about 10 euros per unit sold so I did the calculation roughly we arrived at 10,000 euros of net profit any text deducted ie the amazon taxes the costs of 'supply the shipping costs from amazon is therefore between nine and ten thousand euros of revenue over a little less than a year we listened with a relatively negligible amount of work for once it is rather very interesting Something must be clarified is that these scores there I made them with three active products hardly and given that I passed by ecommerce platform amazon fbx that is to say the shipment by amazon shipments and the storage by amazon the occupation time itself shop is really minimal if we look back on the time it took me to take care of them from amazons stand out from people in general but from amazon since I am focused on it for the last year it actually counts to be 12 twelve hours a dozen hours four to five hours plus two to three hours + 2h good and I may add two hours because nobody is perfect but in the idea here it is really that it is a business which taught me really very very little time to set up the hardest course of course it is to find the niches which will work the products which will work but once that is established it turns like on castors so for me amazon and the rest of the brands and it's really a very good vein to exploit in parallel niche e-commerce that you will mount on cms and that you hosts and yourself that it is really important to note is that the effort that I was going fo urnir to find niches in the classic shops and the effort that you will provide to set up amazon shops it is not two completely separate things most of the time you can make a synergy between the two is what makes that when you work for one you can also work for the other thank you for listening to this if you enjoyed this video I let you subscribe to my youtube channel or subscribe to the newsletter it will be my pleasure I say to you very soon for a next article on my salary in slip point fr.

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How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

How to Dropshipping with an Agent?

hello everyone here alex welcome to this new site or to this article. I will present the best alternative to Ali Express so in this article we will talk about agents because it is something that I was very much very much to ask.

So this is something that i will do to you now. so first we will see what an agent is then see what are the advantages of an agent and believe me there are many and all list here then we will see what the conditions are because yes we can not everyone cannot work as agents there are conditions for the emmys here.

Then goodbye how suddenly works with them if you meet the conditions to see how to work with them so before this video how I invite you to subscribe with the manger of corrections if it is not already done and it is suddenly we find ourselves on my screen. ok so it's all about being able to talk about agents in dropshipping as if the crises and the number one alternative express ally and if you really want to take it to the next level be it your brand.

If you have a brand or not elsewhere if you have a brand this is ideal if you really want to take it to the next level in dropshipping really invites you to work with agents so what is an agent a agent it is a supplier which is located in china quite simply what are the advantages of working with an agent the products are generally cheaper the agent will negotiate the products for you with the supplier therefore in general you will finally it depends on price of your product.

But I know that I had products that I paid $ 7 but I had them for $ 6 with him so it may seem little but on a name a big one very big volumes it's still something quite substantial if you have 1000 orders you saved a dollar. So here it is not it is not negligible then the delivery is faster generally this 7 days sometimes you will have much less but in general with the launched these days while when you take standard extracts balas had to be 14 and still it is rare up to 21 days so in a week between a week and three weeks there is still a nice margin so it's still much more advantageous to have a delivery to seven days then you have the possibility of adding a logo on your product it's palm and we will take the example of that here we have a hard drive. ok well the agent eva pauly there will be the possibility of adding what there is here he will be able to add a logo whatever on your product can add what you want then there is possibility of personalizing your packaging therefore a beautiful well personalized packaging.

Frankly that in terms of perceived value to me there's no picture it's huge and can create a brand with a real belgium since you can buy your logo on your product you have the possibility to customize your packaging you have a delivery which is much faster you can really from bags create a real brand then there is a better order placement it depends on the money with which you will work but there are applications like mass full feel ex -fortis fine or else you will send via a csv file so a csv file is downloaded in shopi's orders you had to download a csv file sent to you either directly to your agent and or then there are agents directly below.

You are right to do it manages everything for you it installs a small plugin it depends in fact it really depends on the agents.
then you have control over what you sell since you have direct contact with your supplier you control over what you sell you know how the delivery is located finally that's all you have taken on what you do. have an advantage over all the competition because you have a brand image and you are a copiable from the moment you have a possibility of adding a logo is produced a beautiful packaging with a delivery in four five six days. you are a friend no one will be able to come and compete with you that is certain i think in particular of the int nutrition brand it seems to me everyone everyone has sold abs simulators ok there are thousands of people who lie about honey a single brand in France that stood out and it is a brand besides I know the owner of .

This brand but this brand there they stood out why because their site was good much cleaner than the others they have a real packaging it really had a real big brand image and suddenly bah that's what they really knew to perpetuate their shops. then you have the possibility of increasing your margin why because that the cost of the product already it can be cheaper and the brand image is stronger and which says stronger brand image which says higher perceived value and which says higher perceived value yes allow you to put higher price s and then you have a clientele that is much more satisfied with their order even if you sell stuff not that great I cgt had given in to give this example there but once I ordered a case with a case for my iphone and it was an ordinary shell it was a transparent shell but the packaging it was super well made it was super sleek well presented and it is suddenly the perceived value it really increased and suddenly but I was satisfied while it is a shell time of it so you can sell a shell in a beautiful packaging a present etc and sell the same shell in an old package said express in your opinion your customer it will be satisfied in someone so. here is the choice it is quickly made then what are the conditions to work with a mage already you must have a minimum of experience what I mean by that is that you know what you do and have generated at less before 10000 euros of turnover like that you made a few figures you have a little experience it goes a little what you do and then there are conditions at the entry so there are agents who will ask for example if you advertise facebook they will ask you to make about 21 40 orders per day minimum if you do either they will not take you and if you work as influencers they will we they will ask you to do approximately goes to 30,000 euros of turnover per month.

Basically if you do below it will be very very very very complicated to work with an agent or even almost impossible but if you are in this range the room is possible to work with an agent then how to work with them the best of possibilities it is to be recommended by someone me it was my case it was a person with whom I work and who had an agent and simply to send them his skype and conscript agreed and it is to there I got my agent so. that's the best possibility is to be recommended by someone then some suppliers to an expression put you in touch with agencies he sees that you have a lot of orders with them me that's what I had had before I had a lot of orders from an express supplier so I was still going by express at that time their he put me in contact with an agent and suddenly he asked me if I wanted to make a personalized hiddink pack etc sometimes it will just come to you directly then you can already asked directly to your aliexpress supplier you can ask him if it is possible to make a stock to deliver faster etc or to put you in touch with
then you can also find them on delegation sites such as word for example there are some who designate one of the agents who is located on it just simply contact them you agree exactly like any agent.

You can ask for connections via facebook groups there are facebook groups had a lot of good facebook that talks about drop shipping and that its meals and you can ask these people there if you have fulfilled the conditions that I put you here you can put a position by asking the agents of certain people there may be some who agreed to put you in touch with their agent so it's a possibility so it's a possibility we see there it was a article quite short but really all the elements were there so thank you for staying until the sentence invites us to put a little blue guys you are subscribed if it is not already done me I tell you at the next it was alex.